Monday, April 9, 2012


About time I update my blog, huh?  Anyway, my mom took Izzy and me to get haircuts today.  The lady who did Izzy's hair didn't cut it as short as I thought she would, but Izzy is happy with it so that's all that matters.  I love having short hair again.  My hair gets too heavy when it's long and then it just sort of lays flat against my head.....not many styling options then......

We had a great time out with my mom today.  We had to live up the last day of Spring Break.  After our haircuts, we went to Target (love that store) and then my mom came over to our house and we ate lunch together.  After she went back home, Izzy and I played outside, b/c it was so lovely today, and then we watched a movie together, played restaurant, and got all silly excited when Clay/daddy got home.  I love my family!