Tuesday, February 12, 2008

It's the most Wonderful time of the year!

Our family Christmas picture. Don't you love Izzy's bare feet.

The whole family together. I love Izzy's smile (she's always a happy girl when she's with her Papa).

My dad got Izzy this pretty dress that came with a matching dress for her baby; which, by the way, happens to be named Seesa. That little girl just loves her aunt Sarah.

Izzy Christmas morning. She loved the tree, and loved to turn the lights on and off in the morning and at night. She's such a big helper.

Clay helped Izzy unwrap her gifts. She was so excited and squealed with girlish glee at just about everything she opened.

Sculpey Time

I made this for my mom either last Christmas or the year before that.

I am currently in the process of making a Christmas village for my mom. This Gingerbread House is part of the set. I also made a tree with presents underneath for the village.

Izzy wants to work with sculpey clay just like mommy. She loves to watch me make things and she tries to make things herself. She actually made a carrot with purple clay, it was all tapered and everything. I think maybe she might have my talent.

Here is one of the numerous melted snowmen I made this year. I gave them out to the women I visit teach and also to my companion. I also made one for my mom it has blue gloves and scarf. I even made a bunch of Steelers snowmen for my Sarah's in-laws (they are HUGE Steelers fans).

Mom's snowman.

Steeler's snowman.

I made a Redskins snowman for Clay since he is a die-hard Skins fan. He loves it. I really think I need to put up a website and start selling these things. I've made cake-toppers and all sorts of stuff.

Pig-tailed Cutie

Mom and Sarah braided Izzy's hair into pig-tails. Izzy loved it and wanted to look at herself in the mirror. She is so cute.

Izzy and her "Seesa" reading together. Sarah loves it when Izzy calls her Seesa and said she will be sad the day she starts calling her Sarah.

Izzy loves showing off for the camera (gee, I wonder where she gets that from).

Halloween 2007

Clay, Izzy and I went to our Ward's Halloween Trunk-or-Treat Party. In the Cultural hall and other rooms in the building they have fun games for the kids to play, face-painting, and a haunted house. Then at the end they line all the kids up to go outside, where they have all the adults back their cars up to the sidewalk so the kids can go around and Trunk-or-Treat. Some people decorate their trunks with all sorts of fun stuff or even have spooky music playing; it's such fun.

Some of you may have guessed, but for those of you who aren't sure Clay is dressed as Joe Dirt. I am a Baroness, and Izzy is a Princess (with her kitty-cat in tow).