Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's shootin' time!

Izzy had Clay helping her look for her silly bands the other day because she couldn't find them. After a while Clay told her that they simply weren't to be found, and she said, "That's okay daddy," She then turned and looked at him, holding her Nerf gun, "because it's shootin' time."

She is so fun. :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Only my Daughter

Meet Spit. Yes, I said Spit. That is what my daughter decided to name this cute little guinea pig stuffed animal. Only my daughter would come up with something like that. I asked her, "What about Squirt? That sounds nicer." She said. "No, Spit is good." What can you say to that?

Friday, December 17, 2010

Kissel Family, Christmas 2010

Here is our family Christmas picture. It's from when we went to ICE to see the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas' ice sculptures, it was so awesome, not to mention cold (9 degrees to be precise).

I Feel So Loved!

Izzy and I were playing this morning and she suddenly looked at me and smiled then said, "What would I do without you, mommy?"
I nearly cried as my heart went pitter-patter and my love for her swelled within me. "I don't know," I said, "What would I do without you?"
She just smiled. "You wouldn't be able to play with any toys." She said.
I laughed, "Nope, I guess I wouldn't. I'm so glad I have you."
"I'm glad you have me too, mommy, because I love you." She said, smiling even more.
"I love you too, sweetie." I gave her a hug and kiss.
"Let's play now." She said.
"Yes, let's." I said.

Now that I have all of you going 'Awwwwwwwww!' Don't I just have a wonderful little girl? I adore her and am so glad to have her in my life.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Silly? Not Me!

Me: Izzy you're so silly.
Izzy: I'm not silly.
Me: Izzy you're so cute.
Izzy: Yes, that's much better.

Gotta love that girl! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Finding the OFF Switch

We went to go visit with some relatives on Clay's dad's side of the family and Izzy got to meet some new cousins. There was a little boy, Ty, who is a year older than Izzy. They were running around having a grand time chasing each other. After awhile Ty comes over to me, looking completely exhausted, and says, "How do you turn her off?" Without missing a beat, I said, "I don't know, but if you find out please tell me." Now, for those of you who have not met Izzy, or don't know her very well, let me help you get a feel for just how busy this little girl is. She has the energy of twelve hyperactive boys hyped up on Mountain Dew. If I could bottle her energy I would be the richest woman in the world. She wears out kids her own age and older or younger all the time. She only has one speed, GO, because the only time she stops is when she falls down from exhaustion or when I make her go to bed, because she'll stay up until she falls asleep standing up. I really wish an off switch could be installed somehow, because I am plumb tuckered out, ALL THE TIME!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Izzy & Alec

Izzy loves having her cousin, Alec, living with us. He is like a big brother to her. They are so cute! And for those wondering, Izzy is chewing on a wet paper towel. I know, she's a weirdo sometimes.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Aunt Susie Rocks!!!

Izzy: Mommy is it almost Thanksgiving?
Me: Yep, do you know what that means?
Izzy: Yes, Aunt Susie will be here. Aunt Susie rocks!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Do you think I'm cute?

Clay's cousin Alec rents out our basement, until he leaves for basic training. Izzy thinks it's fun to have him around, he is kind of entertaining :) The other day when we got back from visiting at my mom and dad's, he asked Izzy what she did while she was there, well here's the conversation:

Alec: "Hey Izzy what did you do over at your Grandma and Papa's?"
Izzy: "I played with Abby."
Alec: "Oh yeah, does Abby think I'm cute?" (a little back story here, Abby loves J.T., Alec's youngest brother, and is always talking about him)
Izzy: "I don't know."
Alec: "Do you think I'm cute?"
Izzy: "Yes, I think you're cute."
Alec (doing a little happy dance): "You think I'm cute, you think I'm cute."
Izzy: "Not when you do that."

Nothing like being brought down like a five year old. Gotta love that girl!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Silly Papa

My dad loves to tease Izzy (because it is such an easy thing to do, she is so buggable just like my sister was at that age. Love you Sarah!) Anyway, Izzy was singing the song "Animal Crackers in my Soup" and my dad would add his own little verses in every now and then (which he also has own versions of many different songs as well, maybe I'll have to do a post of 'The many songs of Gary') Izzy would keep, saying, "Papa you're messing me up, that's not how it goes." One of his renditions that I was privy to was this: "Animal Crackers in my soup, they really do taste like poop." Izzy gave him a look that pretty much said, 'Papa you are hopeless at getting this song right, that is definitely not how it goes, you are the silliest Papa ever.' My dad is so much fun. And Izzy always has tons of fun with him. They are so cute together, it always makes me smile.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Chicken in a Blanket

Alec & Michael (Clay's cousins) went out to Chic Fillet and brought back some chicken minis (chicken nuggets sandwiched between biscuits) They gave Izzy one and she said "It's a chicken pig in a blanket." So cute!

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Things Our Kids Say

Wednesday night I was going up to the church with Clay (he had Scouts) so I could visit with a sister I visit teach. On our way there, this was a conversation that we had:

Izzy: "Mommy where are you going to meet with her?"
Me: "In the foyer."
Izzy: "Is that the place by the chapel doors and the hookers?"

Clay and I busted out laughing! For those of you who don't know, there are coat hooks and hangers in the foyer of our church. So priceless!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Abby's Surprise Visit

Sarah & Tony rented a boat and surprised me with a visit from Abby. She excited to see me and thought it was funny that she came to my house by boat. She didn't really like the life vest she had to wear while the boat was moving though, and Sarah said Abby didn't like it when the boat went fast because the wind was in her face. They tied off at my pier and ate lunch. They found out that Abby doesn't like egg salad sandwiches so I made her a peanut butter and jelly, which she decided not to eat as well, but she did like the Nemo gummies I gave her, and her capri sun, which you can see her guzzling in the picture. After their lunch they decided to go puttering around all the different coves and creeks. Maybe someday Clay and I can take Izzy out to do something like that.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Feel Like a Good Mom

So yesterday I had a Parent/teacher conference and I came away feeling like super mom. Izzy's teacher told me that Izzy is doing good in school. She is where she needs to be skill and performance wise. She is one of a handful of kids in the class that she can trust to get things done, take things to the office, or help another kid to the nurse. She is very caring and is good at making friends. She likes to be helpful and will do anything she is asked. She said that Izzy is a very sweet girl and that she is a pleasure to have in class.

Okay, so as I was sitting there listening to her teacher, my head was inflating to astronomical proportions. I felt like such a good mom. Her teacher's assessment let me know that I have done my job as a mom and helped train and teach my child how to be a caring, productive person. I am so proud of Izzy. She is truly a wonderful little girl.

Now, for the picture above. This is a picture Izzy drew of herself. In the hallway they hung up a bunch of unnamed pictures entitled 'Guess which one is me' for the parents to figure out which one was their child. I picked out Izzy's right away. We always color and draw together so I knew which one was her drawing. She even did her eyes a green-blue, just like they are. So fun. :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ladybug Girl

My Aunt Susie always knows where to get the coolest stuff. She got Izzy this adorable ladybug rain gear consisting of: rain boots, rain coat, and umbrella (which even has eyes sticking out on the top). Izzy is totally in love with it and would wear it around all day if I let her. She's so fun. Thanks again Aunt Susie!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Worst Mother of the Year Award goes to Me!

Okay so I was doing laundry and working when I hear a knock on the door. It is the little boy from Izzy's bus stop. That is when I remember that it was a two hour early dismissal today. Crap. He said the bus was waiting for me. So I grab my keys and jump in my car. I get to the bus stop and guess what? No bus.

So, I haul butt down the road (left my purse at home, so I'm praying I don't get pulled over, though cops rarely ever come into our neighborhood) I get out onto Patuxent Blvd. and I see the bus going over the hill. I stomp the gas and start flashing my lights. The bus pulls over and I get out and profusely apologize for being a forgetful space cadet. The bus driver said it's no problem, it happens all the time with two hour early dismissals (that still doesn't make me feel any better, and when I see Izzy crying I feel even worse, poor thing probably thinks I forgot about her).

I scoop up Izzy and carry her to the car. I tell her I'm sorry and that I didn't forget about her, I just forgot that school got out early today. I reassured her that if I hadn't been able to catch the bus before it left our neighborhood that it would have taken her back to school and I would come pick her up there. She was fine, and told me, "It's okay mommy everyone forgets things sometimes." When we got home she pretty much forgot about the whole thing and was as happy as a clam. Me, on the other hand, I still feel super crappy and feel like I should have my mommy license revoked. Blasted two hour early dismissals! Grrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pillow Pet!

Grandma Lori got Izzy a pillow pet. Ever since they first came out with these things Izzy has always wanted the ladybug one. So, Lori decided to get it for her. You should have seen how excited this girl was when her grandma gave it to her. She ran around hugging it saying "It's a pillow pet! I got a pillow pet! I love it!"

Here she is with her new friend Rosy. She is so cute. She takes Rosy everywhere, and she only got her today, like ten minutes ago. She is in love and she and Lori are playing with it right now, pretending that Rosy is their new best friend. So cute.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Back to Scool Night!

Clay and I left Izzy with Lori and went to Back to School Night at her school. We got to chat with her teacher and listen about what they would be doing throughout the year and we got to see some of her art work. Above is a picture of herself.

And this was underneath the picture of herself. It was just too cute and funny. If you can't read it, it says: "My name is Isabelle. I like to play barbies. My favorite color is pink. I can wash by myself." Isn't that just too precious.

We also meet the parents of her best friend at school. The girl's name is Abigail (just like her cousin) They are in the same class, ride the bus together and they live in our neighborhood, well several streets over, but it's still right here. Her mother and I exchanged phone numbers and we are going to get the girls together for play dates. Also, I thought this was so adorable and thoughtful. Abigail's birthday was the first week of school and Izzy made her a birthday card. I didn't know about it until last night when Abby's mom told me about it. They were so excited that she had a friend at school because their daughter is an only child too. I'm so glad I have such a wonderful little girl who is so thoughtful and caring. I think she and her friend Abby are going to be great friends. Izzy already calls her "my bestest friend Abigail."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Picture Day!

Today is picture day at school and Izzy is so excited about it. She picked out which dress she wanted to wear and couldn't wait to put it on and dance around in it. I made her wear a pair of pink shorts under her dress, because when you're five you're just not lady-like at all. She has a goofy smile in this picture, I just hope she doesn't do that for her school pictures. If so, well...whatever, she's five, it doesn't really matter and it will still be cute and not to mention humorous.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daddy Time

Izzy loves spending time with her daddy. She always gets so excited when he gets home. She loves to crawl up in his lap and color, read, or just snuggle and watch T.V. Daddies are so fun. :)

I'm behind on my posts. The scouts had a Pine Wood Derby at our church and Clay made a car for it this year. His car looked awesome (don't know why I don't have a picture) but...well...looks don't win races. His car lost a wheel during its first run. But Clay did place in the competition. Yep, that's right Dead Last. He thought it was so hilarious when they awarded him a brake drum and rotor with a little plaque on it that says Pax Derby 10' Dead Last. So awesome!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten!

Yesterday was Izzy's first day of Kindergarten. Here she is at the bus stop. Her bus comes at 8:10 but she was ready as soon as I got her up that morning at 7.

There is a little boy (Nolan) who lives on the next street over. He is in 1st grade and was so sweet to Izzy. First they played tag while they waited, and when the bus came he helped her get on and made sure she found a seat. I wasn't able to get a picture of Izzy getting on the bus because she was like lightening; she almost forgot to give me a kiss she was so excited. It was her first time riding a school bus and she was thrilled. Her school starts at 8:30 and gets out at 3:15 and I pick her back up at the bus stop around 4ish. I love our little walks to and from the bus stop (plus it's exercise for me! :)

Clay had the day off because Lori had her knee replacement surgery that day and he took her to the hospital EARLY in the morning. But he was there to pick Izzy up at the bus stop with me, which she loved. We decided to get her a special treat, for being such a big girl on her first day of school. We found these cute cupcakes at Giant and thought they were totally perfect. She thought they were great and dove into them right away when she got home (fun after school snack, though she won't get sweets everyday, more like grapes or carrots and the like, gotta keep her healthy.) She had a wonderful day at school and couldn't wait to get back this morning. I am so glad she enjoys learning and reading, and has a desire and thirst to learn as much as she can. That means I have done my job in instilling a love of learning for the rest of her life. I'm so proud of her and I'm happy to realize I'm actually a good mom. Because I know we all don't feel that way sometimes. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sugar Bumps

Clay was tickling Izzy and she got the goosebumps, she told him; "Stop daddy, you're giving me the sugar bumps." Needless to say we laughed. She can never seem to remember goosebumps, last time she said chick bunks; it is hilarious. She said from now on she is just going to call them sugar bumps because she can remember that more easily. She is such a character!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Calvert Cliffs State Park

Today we went to Calvert Cliffs State Park. Here's Izzy ready to go.

It is a 1.8 mile hike to get to the beach and it costs $5 per car. Here are Clay and Izzy looking for sharks teeth.

Izzy is off to scavenge the beach while Clay sifts through the water.

After a while Izzy just wanted to sit and play in the water, but Clay was determined to find something neat. I love this picture b/c it has a great butt shot! Gotta love the butt shots. :)

I love this with Izzy's head sticking out of the water. She thought it was cool that she could sit in the water like that.

Here she is scavenging the beach again. She found all kinds of shells and such, but she didn't want to keep any of them.

This is an adorable picture.

Awesome blue dragonfly that landed right by me.

One of the many lovely swamps of Maryland.

I love the little flower on the lily pad.

This was a neat tree along the path.

You know those beautiful pictures of paradise with a long pier, well this is Maryland's version. ;)
An uprooted tree Izzy found, and on the back was this neat yellow mushroom.

There was this stream that meandered about along the path, which emptied out into the swamp.

Pretty little waterfall.

This is a tooth we found at the beach. Don't know what it is though. It's more rounded sort of like a dolphin or porpoise. We think the beach has been so over panned for sharks teeth that it is no longer very easy to find them. We had a wonderful day though just the three of us. It's nice to get out and do things as a family.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cinderella According to Izzy

Mommy let's play Cinderella. You can be the Fairy Godmother and the Prince and I'll be Cinderella and the Wicked Step-side Mother.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Today we had a friend from church cut our hair. She did an awesome job, we are both so loving our hair. I don't know if you can see it in this picture, but I have raspberry highlights in my hair (so awesome!). Izzy wanted her hair cut just like her friend Grace (it was Grace's sister, Dani, who cut our hair) and she is going to donate her hair into Locks of Love. We had fun while we were there, I got to visit and Izzy got to play. Izzy got her hair cut first so she could have plenty of time playing with Grace while I got my hair done. It was a fun day, starting out with a fun Primary activity and ending with fun haircuts.

Friday, July 30, 2010

A Magical Evening!

We took Izzy to watch the play Cinderella at Great Mills High School. She was so excited. Here she is sitting in a chair across from us while we waited in line. It was a perfect place for her to perch and people watch, which she LOVES to do.

We got to sit in the front row! Here she is waiting as patiently as she possibly can.

She loved the play and was so excited to get to sit in the carriage afterward.

But best of all, she got to take her picture with Cinderella. She was so thrilled. It was the perfect ending to a magical evening for our little princess. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Izzy Is Five!!

We had a party for Izzy and her friends from church on Saturday. Izzy had fun helping me decorate cupcakes (before she got bored with it that is). She thought it was so funny when I put frosting on her nose.

Here are her cupcakes in all their finished glory. She wanted strawberry cupcakes, with strawberry frosting, pink sprinkles, and other fun princess candy on them. If you couldn't tell it was a princess themed party.

Here is a picture of the place settings with the cute goody bag she helped me make up. She really had fun doing that. I put all the little tote-like bags in a row and then gave her the stuff to put inside and she put one in each bag. She thought it was the best thing ever. Funny how the little things mean so much.

Here she is, in the outfit she picked out: yellow legging-shorts, a tie-dyed shirt with a jeweled crown and attached tutu (very princess-like). This was right before her friends arrived. She could barely contain herself with excitement. As soon as she woke up the first thing she said was: "Is it time for my party yet? When will my friends be here?"

Here she is playing in the pool with Clay and her friends Grace in the background, and Lydia in the foreground. She had another friend stop by, Elli, but she wasn't able to stay. Izzy was still excited to see her and spend a little time playing with her in her room.

We had another party on Sunday with family and a few close friends. Here she is with my best friend from high school, Stefanie, but we all call her Steffie. She got Izzy a Tinkerbell pop-up book and they were reading it together so I had to get a picture.

The last page folds out and makes a big tree with stairs and such to make it look like a fairy home.

I have video footage, but no pictures of her opening presents on either day, whoops. But moms are busy during parties, so oh well, at least we've got the video. :)

Sarah did a photo shoot of Izzy for her fifth birthday, and she got some cute pictures of Izzy. Here she is in her medieval princess Halloween costume.

She loves Snow White, so she wore her costume for the photo shoot. I love this one that Sarah did with only the rose in color.

My Aunt Susie loves to spoil all her nieces and nephews. She got Izzy this adorable ballerina outfit, which Izzy loves, and Sarah is in love with the tutu because it is so pretty.

This is a hand-me-down outfit Izzy got from Lauren (Tony's little sister) I love hand-me-downs! I love this outfit it is so cute and the colors are awesome.

Izzy had loved both her parties and had a blast. She is such a loved little girl, and she brings such joy to our lives.