Saturday, May 16, 2009

Snake & The Biggest Dog Ever

My parents got two little rocking chairs that match the big ones on the porch for Izzy and Abby.
Izzy tried out the Big Girl Potty. But she still won't use it or the little potty. Grrrrr!
Here is a little snake my dad found in the yard.
Izzy thought he was cute.
Needless to say, she thought he was great as well.
Ok, so we took Izzy to Petco and we saw the biggest dog ever there. I knew no one would believe me on how big he was so I took a picture. He looks like a husky on steroids, but he is an giant Alaskan malamute. His name is Kuma and he weighs 125 lbs. Which is nothing compared to his father who was 220 lbs. Holy cow, right!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Follow Your Nose

Izzy and I went to my parents house one day because I had to be there to sign for a delivery. When we opened the front door we could smell the yummy scent of last night's dinner. Izzy sniffed and said, "Something smells good, I think I will follow my nose." She then headed off to the kitchen and said, "I think Grandpa cooked something that smells good." She is such a character!