Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Redneck Snowman!

Once there was a snowman, snowman, snowman
Once there was a snowman, named JimBob!
He liked to go a fishin', huntin', crabbin'
He was the biggest redneck you ever saw!

This is our redneck snowman Clay and Izzy made. He even has a Lynyrd Synyrd hat on and is missing a tooth. All he needs is a fishin' pole, a rifle, a crab net, and if you want to be a true St. Mary's redneck you gotta have a 10 oz. Bud Light beer can. But since he's our snowman, he's a teetotaler. :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More STINKIN' Snow!

I officially hate snow, too bad it's so pretty. If it would stay off the roads it wouldn't be so bad. We have power back, Hallelujah, we were without for 24 hours, from 1 pm Sat. to 1 pm. Sun. There were four trees down on some power lines. Needless to say, we had a really cold night, thank goodness for heavy-duty sleeping bags that we could drape over our beds. Anyway, I got some good, before (well more like during) and after pictures. Here is Izzy standing on a snow drift early Sat. morning and again Sun. morning. It was a lot bigger, and as you can see we used it as a temporary freezer for our ice cream and such.

Here is our picnic table with the pretty tree above it. And below is the poor tree drooping over the picnic table from the weight of the ice and snow.

These are during and after pics of my car.

These are during and after pics of my car and Clay's work truck.

Here is a during and after pic of a poor tree we all felt bad for it just kept drooping further and further.

Here you can see a tree that fell over onto our landlord's drive way. You can see the trunk of the tree on the right and the top branches hanging over the fenced entrance of Mr. Shafer's (our landlord) driveway on the left.
Here is Izzy watching her daddy, Mr. Shafer, his nephew and great nephews cutting up the felled tree and moving it out of the way.
Here you can see another tree that snapped about ten feet up and fell, only to catch on some other trees so that it is parallel with the end of our driveway. The guys took care of that tree as well.
Here are some lovely icicles.
Above, is part of the tree over-hanging the picnic table, touching the ground, or rather, the top of the snow. Below, is the rest of the tree, it almost seems as if it cradling the tree, protecting it.
Here is the front yard, it looks so pretty.
Here's part of the side yard.
Here is a different view of the front yard.
Pretty snow covered branches.
This tree looks like a giant snow covered Christmas tree.