Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Outdoor Fun

Yay, Springtime! Time for more of my lovely flower pictures. These are from two Azalea bushes in our yard.
Izzy tries her hand at tree-climbing.

This one cracked me up. It looks more like she is tree-hugging than tree-climbing. My uncle said it looks like the tree is winning.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Fun Day Out!

I'm so behind with this, but on Monday my mom, Sarah and Abby, Izzy and I had a fun day out (just us girls). We went to Target, Chipotle, and Kohl's. Above is the yummy food we had at Chipotle.

Here are the girls happily eating outside. It was such a gorgeous day.

Abby likes to relax wherever she goes. So, here she is chillin' with her juice box.

And... here is Izzy, very tired and not too happy that she has to sit and wait until everyone else is finished eating as well.

I could kill my sister for taking this picture of my backside (just kidding, Sarah, I love you). Both the girls wanted to hold hands with me on our way into Kohl's. I love being a mommy and an auntie. I love my girls.

Our fun day didn't end when we got home. Izzy and I were playing outside and we saw this black snake slithering alongside our porch.

It went under the flower box and Clay got home not too long afterward. So...

... Clay played snake-wrangler.

It was about 3 ft.

He was so cute, and he was completely relaxed as Clay held him and Izzy and I touched him. He seemed to know we meant him no harm.

Izzy thought he felt so cool, she liked how smooth he was.

She loved his cute little tail and how it would wrap around her finger.

She also liked the pretty pattern on his belly.

He was just all around neat. When Clay let him go, he took his time, he wasn't in any hurry to get away from us. Maybe we'll see him again sometime. I love living in the woods.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dark Purple

Clay: Hey, Izzy. What's your favorite song?
Izzy: Smoke on the Water.
Clay: Who sings it?
Izzy: Dark Purple.

Well, she knew it started with a 'D' and it was a shade of purple. What five year old loves Deep Purple? One who's parents and grandparents love it as well. :) How many of you now have that tune stuck in your head?