Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snow...Grrrrrr!

More stinking snow! Oh well, Izzy loves it. Her cousin, Alyse, stayed over for the weekend and they had fun playing in the snow. They decided to try sledding. So they climbed up this little hill made of a huge mound of mulch.

They got ready and took off...

But they didn't get to far and sort of got stuck because the snow was a powder snow, not good for sledding or making snowballs. The worst kind of snow if you're a kid wanting to have a great time playing in the snow. It's good for making snow angels, but that's about it.

This is what it looked like Sunday morning when it finally stopped snowing.
Izzy loved to try to walk through the deepest parts of the snow, here she is seeking out a deep spot.

Izzy got out the dustpan again and used it as a shovel. She had fun throwing it up into the air.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doubled Eggs

So, Izzy will probably be so embarrassed about this when she is older, but it was just too cute not to share. Izzy had super stinky gas the other day (like clear the room bad) and after one of her particularly foul ones she said, "Ooooo, my toots smell like doubled eggs." It was the most hilarious thing ever. She meant deviled eggs, of course, but her version is way better.

And another embarrassing thing, but my husband won't care, because he doesn't embarrass very easily. Clay had this bout of foul gas at the same time as Izzy (I know poor me right, I literally followed them around with air freshener, so not kidding about that). Well, when he produced a rather noxious one as well I said, "Seriously, Clay, put a cork in it." And Izzy said, "What's a cork?" So I explained that a cork in something you put in the top of a bottle, kind of like a cap, so the liquid won't spill out. Without missing a beat she looked at Clay and said, "Daddy you need a doorknob." I so laughed my butt off. Clay did as well. I tell you, we never know what is going to come out of that little girl's mouth, she is just sooooooo funny!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Go Fish!

Izzy loves to play Go Fish! She asked her Uncle Tony to play with her last night. Well, apparently it had been a while since he'd played the game and when he did something the wrong way she sure let him know it. She finally let out an exasperated sigh and said, "I don't think he knows how to play this very well." We all cracked up, it was so funny. I guess we'll have to send Tony to remedial Go Fish classes. :)

After the girls had a bath they both cuddled up with their Papa. Izzy munched on a Klondike Bar while Papa combed her hair, and Abby tried desperately to mooch as much chocolate as she could.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Dress Up

My Aunt Susie loves to spoil her nieces and nephews and now that she has two great nieces she can do even more spoiling. She got Izzy a bunch of dress-up clothes for Christmas, and Izzy was in 7th Heaven. Here she is all decked out.

Her daddy showed her how a prince would kiss a princess's hand. And then the there's the blackmail picture. Izzy made Clay put on her stuff and so I had to get a picture. He's such a good daddy.

Here is a picture of Izzy and Abby snuggling on Izzy's princess couch. They are so cute together.

Decorating the Tree

This is what happens when a four year old decides to "decorate" the Christmas tree. You get: a hair clip, some string, wrapping paper,

a princess fan,
a medicine bottle band,

a Tinkerbell tiara,

a gold headband of some sort,

a pig sticker,

a slinky, more wrapping paper, and last, but not least, a baby doll hat. I don't know how we managed to decorate the tree before we had her, we aren't nearly as creative.


My Izzy is quite the little performer. She loves to put on all types of shows. This is her singing performance (on a laundry basket). I love the hand on the hip move.

The Grand Finale. I love her imagination.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

This is so late, but here it is. The weekend before Christmas we got a ton of snow. Izzy was so excited and couldn't wait to get out in it and play. Here she is lying on the kitchen floor getting her boots on. I love the deer-in-the-headlights look on her face.

Here she is all geared up and ready to go.

Clay shoveled part of the driveway and then our landlords son plowed down the rest with his Gator. And below is all the lovely snow covering our cars and such.

We gave Izzy the dust pan to use as a shovel, which she thought was so neat.

Making snow angels.

A big hunk of snow.

Izzy tending to her Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Eating snow.

She loved playing in the back of Grandma Lori's truck since the snow was all the way to the top. She pretended it was her house and simply had a blast.

Our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. Still looking good, though, perhaps, a little cold. And below is a truly beautiful picture I took of the sunset through the trees, just above a woodshed. It kind of reminded me of the star above the stable. 'Sigh' I love Christmas time.