Friday, November 27, 2009

A Not So Happy Thanksgiving

My poor niece had to go to the E.R. yesterday because her breathing was very labored, rapid and shallow. She was congested, coughing and thoroughly miserable. Just looking at her made my heart ache. The doctors did a battery of tests and thought at first that she had pneumonia in her right lung, but then determined she had bronchilitis (baby bronchitis). They are going to check her oxygen levels again around lunch time to decide whether or not she can go home. My poor Abby baby. We have been praying hard for her, and her mommy and daddy.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pumpkin Farm & Halloween

Pumpkin Farm:
This is so late, but here are the pictures from the pumpkin farm we took the girls to. The girls loved this little miniature pony.

They both got to pet it, though Abby wasn't really too sure about it so I had to help her.

Izzy loved the goats. She especially like the baby one and kept petting it.
Abby didn't really want her mommy, she just wanted her Auntie Liz and her cousin Izzy; which was okay with Sarah because it freed her up to take pictures.

I love Abby's deer-in-the-headlights look here. :)

Izzy always wanted to rest her hands in the cut-outs. She didn't really get the whole concept of pretending that your face is the face of the figure. But she still looked way cute.

I love Sarah's huge cheese!

The girls looked so cute walking around while holding hands.

There was this shed that they called the grain house and it was filled with corn kernels. Izzy loved scooping them up and dumping them in the buckets, wheelbarrows, and toy trucks.

Izzy liked pretending to drive the wooden tractor and train.

The baby sheep were so cute. Our favorite is the one below, sleeping while standing, now that's tired.

The girls loved all the pumpkins. It was really cold, but they were very good about posing for pictures.

If you can't tell, Tony was Billy Mays for Halloween. Abby was a duck, because she is OBSESSED with them.

Sarah was a tourist.

I was a Greek Goddess.

Clay was a Cowboy with an inflatable horse; which Abby wasn't too sure about.

And my beautiful Izzy was Princess Snow White.

Family Time:
I absolutely LOVE this picture of Abby and me. She loves me to read books to her and anytime I come to visit she always brings me a book. No one does story time like Auntie Liz.

Abby and Izzy like to watch football with their daddy's. This is a cute picture of the girls sitting on Clay's lap watching football.

This is the crazy Kissel family. We like to be goofy, if you couldn't tell. :)