Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kasploding Cars!

Izzy always comes up with funny ways of saying things. She has a Raggedy Ann doll, which she loves dearly, and she call it her Raggery Ann doll. She and Clay were playing a game with some cars yesterday. They were sitting on the floor and they each had a car that they would roll to each other trying to crash them together in the process, and anytime the two cars would collide Izzy would say, "Look, they Kasploded!" It was so funny and cute, she had us all cracking up.

Izzy also loves going to the Navy Exchange with her Grandma and Papa, and every time they go there, she wants to get a slice of pizza at the food court. But what we all love most about her little trips there is they way she says where she is going. According to her they go to the Navy Eshange. Cute isn't it. :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cabin Fever

So we have been sick here at the Kissel household. I have been sick for almost a week now (yes, I am finally going to make a doctors appt. I've been a little busy taking care of one very sick little girl.) Izzy was sick for three days last week, then got a little better, then yesterday she said her ears hurt. We took her to the Express Care and she has a double middle ear infection and her cold has come back. Joy oh joy. I had been feeling a little better yesterday, but today, I feel like utter dog poop.

This is a very cute picture of Izzy with her Aunt Sarah and cousin Abby. This is before we all got sick. Izzy just adores Abby, and Abby wants to be just like Izzy, she tries to do everything Izzy does, and Izzy tries to help her, sometimes a little too much.