Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Mushrooms

Izzy is an expert at finding mushrooms. These two were actually really little ones that she discovered.

She like this one because it is a pinkie-orange color.

This mushroom was huge and lopsided.

And this mushroom was just really bizarre looking. It almost looks like an exploded scoop of ice cream.

I finally decided to change my background, since it is long past Spring. So I got this really cute pumpkin background for fall. As you can see I am trying to be better at keeping my blog up to date, so all of you might be getting more frequent emails from me. My dad is going to get Izzy her own little camera (one of those kid touch digital ones) for Christmas so she can take pictures of the world as she sees it. I'm going to make up her own blog for her to post her pictures, she will think it is the neatest thing. :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of Preschool

Izzy was so excited to go to school. She was up and ready and kept begging me to take her. I kept telling her it wasn't time to leave yet and she would just heave a big sigh and say "Okay." She helped pack her lunch and everything.

Here are some of the many mushrooms Izzy has found.

These kind of look like pancakes.

Theses mushrooms look like a pile of puke if you ask me.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Big-Girl Bed & Izzyisms

Here is Izzy in the twin bed my parents got for her. The headboard used to be Sarah's and so did the matching bookshelf, and dresser that are in Izzy's room now. Izzy was simply brimming with excitement about her new big-girl bed.

I know it has been forever since I've posted anything, but I promise I'll try to keep on top of it. Anyway, my ever so enjoyable daughter comes up with the most wonderful things all the time and my mom and I like to call them Izzyisms. For example: Izzy does not eat with a fork, she eats with a fornk. She also eats, macer-oni and pepper-oni. And she used to call triplets chicklets, but now they are tricklets. And when she tells someone thank you she says anks. And according to her my dad isn't getting surgery, he's getting surgy. And when she was little everything, like the fish we had and toys or imaginary things, was a tarrip. I simply love all the fun things she comes up with, and the funny way she says things. She definately keeps us entertained.