Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goofy Fun

Okay, so...Izzy decided to dress up Abby. Well, Abby ended up being a Hawaiian, Egyptian, Cowgirl, Princess. It was really funny. But at least Abby didn't seem to mind.

Here is Izzy trying to figure out what the heck her aunt Sarah is doing, or maybe just wondering why her aunt Sarah is so weird (but fun).

Izzy loves rubber ducks (she has various kinds). She was lining them up outside pretending they were her children that she was going to teach. She says she wants to be a teacher just like grandma.

Izzy loves to ride her tricycle. Here she is crusin' along. This was one of the last days Izzy got to play with Sarah and Abby before they had to fly out to Arizona. Izzy misses them so much. She absolutely LOVES Abby. I can't wait to go visit them. The pictures Sarah's sent of where they live are simply beautiful. Plus, I just want to see my little chub-chubs. I love that little girl she is so cute, you just want to pinch her and kiss her chubby little cheeks (or as Izzy says "her chubby wittle cheeks"). :)