Sunday, October 26, 2008

Puke mushrooms & the many faces of Izzy!

Ok, so these are the puke mushrooms. Izzy and my dad were walking outside and Izzy said, "Papa, what's that?" My dad looked at them and said, "Mushrooms, but they look like puke." Then Izzy said, "Oh, puke mushrooms!"

What can I say? She's cute, but she is definitely weird sometimes. That's what makes her so fun. You never know what to expect with the Izzinater!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New home

I am so bad at blogging on a regular basis. So anyway, Clay, Izzy, and I moved out of my parents into a cute little house on the water. Best part: the house is pistachio green! I love it. It has tons of built in shelving, huge picture window, and a screened in porch. All-in-all, it's awesome.

Cutest niece ever!

My sister, Sarah, just recently had a little girl, Abigail Hi'ilani Aina. She is so adorable, with the most pinchable cheeks ever. Izzy is totally in love with her (as you can see).

Kids are so literal

Izzy was playing with a chain and she was pretending it was a dog leash and that there was a doggie on the end. She also had a smaller length of chain and we told her that could be her dog collar. So she said, "I can call my dog like this." She put the chain in her mouth and said. "Hey, hey dog." It was so funny. She took it to literally mean a dog caller not collar. Goes to show how many things we just assume others should know. I love kids, they are endless entertainment.